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Modern Elegance and Clarity with Frameless Glass

Glass, along with steel and concrete, is a construction material which has come fully into its own thanks to modern design and the architectural technology which enables it. Our buildings today rise in shimmering cliffs of glass which the artisans of earlier era could never have dreamed of erecting, while glass has become a structural element itself, due to tempering and other safety measures. Frameless glass is the specialty of Frameless Glass Solutions ( one of Australia's foremost glass installation services.

Although it is not suitable for every circumstance, frameless glass can be used in a wide array of situations to create a highly contemporary, transparent look. Shower and bath doors and enclosures are the most obvious applications for this type of glass, given the limited size of each piece, but these are not the only places where glazing with minimalistic framing can be used fruitfully.

Swimming pool enclosures and balustrades are two other places where frameless glass can be used to good effect in both residential and commercial spaces. Storefronts and conference areas can benefit from the use of frameless glazing, while partitions can be constructed in this manner in practically any interior area where a transparent divider is wanted.

Frameless glass is useful for several reasons. One of these is that it is simply more aesthetically pleasing in modern architectural design than any type of framed pane. Some framing elements may actually be present, depending on the size, shape, and position of the glass, but these are kept to a minimum in order to avoid spoiling the marvel of glass as a primary construction material.

Frameless glass enhances both visibility and the flow of light through the areas where it is used. Striking architectural features can be seen clearly through this type of glass installation, allowing multiple layers of artistic design to be viewed simultaneously.

Illumination, whether natural or artificial, glows undimmed through these transparent panels, creating a brighter interior. The eye finds freer perspectives, lessening the risk of a cramped feeling, while advertisement or offered products are displayed to full advantage behind a commercial window or partition built in this manner.

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