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Intriguing Glass Pool Fencing in Sydney

Australian summers are warm, not to say hot, and the addition of a pool to your home is a good way to place the possibility of a refreshing swim within easy reach. Pools are also status symbols, since not everyone can afford such an installation, while the sparkle and motion of water is an aesthetically pleasing detail amid the immobile textures of walls, patios, and lawns.

The finishing touch for any pool is pool fencing, which makes the feature safer by lessening the chance of someone falling in by accident. Surrounding a pool with this fencing also makes it more attractive, neatly framing the water rather than simply leaving it sitting like an afterthought in the middle of a plain, featureless area. Cutting edge style can be brought to pool fencing in Sydney by making use of the frameless glass fences that our firm, Frameless Glass Solutions, builds.

Glass fences come in one of several styles, though all make use of safety glass to ensure that your pool fencing does not become a hazard. Safety glass is tough and resilient, yet should it happen to break, it will crumble into round-edged nodules rather than breaking into razor-edged shards that could produce serious or fatal injuries. The use of safety glass is essential in such a feature, and we are careful to use only 12mm Grade A glass that is both thoroughly toughened and completely safe.

One option for setting up your glass fencing is to have us hang the panes on stainless steel spigots or posts. This arrangement is very sturdy, though not quite as “frameless” as the other option, that of inserting the lower edge of the glass into a concrete channel and grouting it in place. This latter method will produce a truly transparent fence that delimits the space around your pool while offering minimal disruption to views either from inside or outside the pool.

With twenty years of experience, a sure eye for the most striking contemporary designs, and access to the best materials Australia has to offer today, Frameless Glass Solutions is your first choice for sleek, effective pool fencing in the Sydney area. You can learn more by visiting our website at or calling us for a free quote on your pool fencing project, and begin the transformation of your swimming area into the envy of your neighbours today.


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