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Glass Balustrades for Sydney Stairwells

Due to their interior location and narrow confines, stairwells have been among the darkest spaces to be found in a house for many centuries, with the exception of underground chambers such as basements. Glass balustrades in Sydney, making use of frameless glass construction, break with this pattern and increase the flow of light through the stairwells of modern houses, creating a brighter interior. When you are in need of one of these constructions, Frameless Glass Solutions ( ) is your cutting edge source for design and installation.

A glass balustrade is a both a sophisticated fashion statement and a practical aid to giving a house better illumination and a more spacious feel. With framing elements reduced to a minimum or dispensed with entirely, the sleek sweep of glass from foot to crown of a staircase gives the beautiful impression of crystal, an airy, magical creation that increases your pleasure in the interior view of your home and anchors its architectural mood firmly in the ultramodern world.

From a design standpoint, frameless glass balustrades enhance the spread of both natural and artificial light through the house or commercial space. Less lamps will be needed to achieve good visibility and a cheerful atmosphere. With the eye less confined by solid balustrades and opaque masses, the building's interior appears larger and less cramped, even if it is actually quite small.

Glass balustrades can be used outside staircases as well. For example, a frameless glass balustrade on Sydney balconies increase the view from one of these high vantage points, as well as admitting more light to the room behind.

Frameless glass requires careful design and construction if it is to achieve both its full visual potential and the sturdiness that a major architectural element needs. The highly experienced, professional installers at Frameless Glass Solutions ( ) can construct all types of glass balustrades in Sydney, whether you need a single short section for a small suburban home or a dozen complex, dramatic, sweeping balustrades in a hotel, office building, or airport addition.

We combine impeccable architectural quality with affordable prices and swift service – contact us for a quote and to learn how to freshen the look of your building with our shimmering glass creations today.


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