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Frameless Glass Shower Screens in Sydney Homes

Bathrooms are often small chambers occupying only a limited area of the home, so the use of solid or opaque shower screens often seems to reduce the interior of the room to a space as cramped as a shoebox. It is little wonder, then, that glass shower screens have become immensely popular, sheltering your bathing area while leaving your lines of sight unconfined to create a pleasant impression of spaciousness. Frameless Glass Solutions ( has the expertise, the experience, and the design skill to offer you the best in shower screens for Sydney homes.

Solid shower screens further compartmentalize the restricted space of a bathroom, confining your gaze and reducing the amount of ambient light to produce a dim, cramped space that is fairly unpleasant to use even if it is spotlessly clean. Fortunately, modern glass technology provides a viable solution in the form of frameless glass shower screens.

By keeping framing elements to an absolute minimum, shower screens of this kind maintain maximum transparency. The curving or flat panes of safety glass keep water from spraying over the entire room while you are taking a shower, just as effectively as ceramic-tiled partitions would, but do not block your vision and give you a sense of freedom and space.

Less light fixtures are needed to keep your bathroom bright and cheerful, too. Rather than needing lights both inside and outside the shower, a single bank of bulbs will suffice for the whole room. If natural light is admitted through a window, this will also shine undimmed into the interior of your shower stall.

A glass shower screen is also very aesthetically pleasing. The crystalline curves and planes of such a structure fit into nearly any bathroom d├ęcor, though they are particularly well suited to clean, crisp modern designs. The skilled professionals at Frameless Glass Solutions will build a glass shower screen that will fit perfectly into your bathroom, or be the centrepiece of a new construction's bathing facilities. You can find contact information for a quote at


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