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Frameless Glass Partitions for Sydney Businesses and Homes

A frameless glass partition is a good way to divide two semi-separate spaces where visibility needs to be preserved, or where it is appropriate to admit light from one area to another. These partitions are especially apt in business and commercial situations. A large window is one example of such a partition, while entire dividing “walls” can be constructed out of heavy duty safety glass and the occasional support. Frameless Glass Solutions ( can handle all of your glass partition needs with quality workmanship and exacting standards.

Making a partition out of frameless glass is very well suited to commercial locations where you have products on display. The glass will keep the items safe from pilferage as well as possibly dust or weather conditions on the street, while the frameless construction will greatly reduce the number of fixtures blocking the view of window shopping potential customers.

Internal dividers made out of frameless glass are appropriate for many indoor spaces as well. They can split up different functional spaces such as those found in convention halls, restaurants, and government offices, while keeping lines of sight open for a free, airy, spacious feel, and permitting light to illuminate all portions of the larger area.

Chic and sophisticated office dividers can partition off the workspace of an important officer or administrator in an office building, while providing them with a clear view of what is going on in general on the work floor. Toughened safety glass is naturally best suited these applications, providing the sturdiness needed for years of use while keeping everyone nearby uninjured in the unfortunate event the glass is ever broken.

Glass partitions even have their place in a regular home, although it should be noted that they are not the cheapest solution available and are usually featured mostly in the houses of the affluent. A larger space can be divided into several functional rooms with frameless glass partitions in Sydney, keep spaces separated while affording visual freedom and light.

Frameless Glass Solutions ( can create these striking “glass walls” in either commercial or residential buildings, providing barriers and dividers in a cutting edge contemporary form. Place your project in our hands for the finest glazing effects that modern Australia has to offer.


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